For the Birds

Bird Listing Software Review

01/02/2020: Birders and naturalists have a plethora of options to enter their observation in the field on mobile devices. In a short review 6 mobile applications are compared for taxomonic support, ease of data entry, syncing with the cloud and other functionality. Mobile apps reviewed are Bird Journal, Birder’s Diary Mobile, eBird, iGoTerra, iNaturalist and ObsMapp. Read more here >>

01/27/2017: After nearly 5 months I finally completed an in-depth review of eight bird listing software packages using eBird as a baseline. In this comparative and systematic review I compared Bird Journal, Birder’s Diary, Birders Notebook, eBird, iGoTerra,, Scythebill and Swift. This comparative reviewed focused on 1) Integration with eBird; 2) Taxonomic list support: 3) Data entry; 4) Reporting; 5) Mobile version; and 6) Noteworthy features. A summary of the results are being published on the Surfbirds website and should be available soon. The detailed review can be accessed here.