Yard Birds

Observations from an obsessed yard birder.

As with many birders we all have our favorite places to watch birds. On top of my list is our own yard. Even a small yard has an amazing variety of birds. Since 2009 I have recorded over 150 species of birds in the yard and average over 110 species per year. Having a native garden helps a lot too.

Portraits of Yard Birds

Native shrubs are a wonderful setting to photograph birds. We have a Sweet Betsy shrub (Calycanthus floridus) near our pond and platform feeder. This shrub is nick-named “Airport Betsy”, because many birds stop here before hopping to the feeder or go to the pond for a drink. Strategically placed about 20 ft in front of the living room, we enjoy the daily arrivals and departures of many birds year around. Below are some shots of our feathered visitors.